Recipe: The Grapefruit Nightmare (ep. 1)

1 king’s feast of grapes                                                   Half a carrot

One quarter of a watermelon                                      Some grapefruit juice and ice

1) Dump some grapes in there (a king’s feast)

2) Place a quarter of a watermelon on the soft, delightful bed of grapes

3) Add that half a carrot. The more the merrier!

4) Pour that juice with reckless abandon

What did our panelists think?

Josh (6/10)

“completely impenetrable”

Jeff (7.5/10 stems)

“tasted like ice-cold nothing”

Tenisha (5/10)

“an end of friendship drink”

Ian (7/10)

“the most sour thing I’ve ever drank”

Carmen (5/10)


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